If you are a regular reader of escapism, then you may be slightly confused by this magazine. This is not a normal issue of escapism.

In place of our usual travel content, we have dedicated this entire publication to the refugee crisis that, to various degrees, is affecting almost every corner of the world. We have decided to use our voice to raise awareness on an important and emotive subject.

As the UK’s largest-circulating travel magazine, we are all too aware of just how lucky we all are to be able to explore the majority of the world for pleasure. It’s an amazing privilege and one for which we are incredibly grateful. For us, and for our readers, ‘escapism’ is a way to break away from our normal lives, to relax on holiday with friends and family. But for refugees, the word takes on a much more literal meaning. It’s just that: an escape – from oppressive regimes, war and poverty.

We are not experts on hard-hitting documentary reportage, nor do we now claim to be. However, in putting this issue together, we have tried to learn as much as possible through first-hand experiences. These experiences have definitely changed us, and we hope there is plenty you can learn from this magazine, too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this issue of escapism.

Tim Slee
CEO, Square Up Media