I was sitting with a few friends in an east London pub at the end of the summer, with some drinks on the table and everyday life in the city going on as usual. Conversation soon led to a discussion about the current refugee crisis; how the 'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais was just 22 miles from the British coast, but a different world in terms of how people were living, just to escape their former lives.

That was when we decided we had to play a part in raising awareness; to show what was happening through a fly-on-the-wall documentary. As our wider friendship group includes professional filmmakers and photographers, we gathered a crew together and travelled to Calais in a minivan we called 'Vinnie Vito'.

The people we met had been on the on the road for months, yet they still smiled and shared their food and water

Our documentary started to expand, and we ended up travelling to mainland Greece, Lesbos, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany to film. As difficult and as demanding as the whole process of documenting this was, we always knew what was waiting for us at home. But they had left their homes behind; miles and miles behind them and now… now what?

These people had been on the road for months, and they had come up across so many different obstacles. Yet they still smiled, they still shared their food and their water, no matter how hungry or thirsty. They shared their stories with passion because they wanted the world to hear them. We want the world to hear them, too.