Amsterdam Music Festival

Oct 2020

Amsterdam Arena

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The basics

Two day dance-fest at the home of Ajax FC

The festival

Amsterdam Music Festival is a young festival with a burgeoning reputation. Kind of like a young footballer (stay with us here), it's a little bit wet behind the ears, a little bit cocky, but packs lots of talent. And that's about as far as we're going to take the football link between AMF and it's location at Ajax FC's football ground, or soccer, if you're American and like boring sports.  

A dance festival in an iconic venue, this two-dayer south of the city centre packs a hell of a punch despite only starting up in 2013, and is one of the most well-organised young festivals around. Easy to get to, safe, and lots of fun, AMF is a great choice for dance fans who can't be arsed to wear wellies for three days and sleep in a tent. If you do fancy that, you could probably try pitching your tent up outside, but the stewards will probably move you along. 

Our tip

If you rearrange the letters of AMF, you get MAF, which is what young kids calls Maths these days, appaz. 




Getting there

How do I get there?


Taxis can be found at the north side of the arena. It's advised not to reserve a taxi and instead wait in line after the event. 

Public Transport

AMF encourages everyone to try and be environmentally friendly. Check this website for details of construction works which will be taking place over the course of the festival weekend. 


Ns Duivendrecht (north) And Ns Bijlmer Arena (south) Are Both Within Walking Distance Of The Venue.

 Both Stations Have Good Connections With All Major Railway Stations. When Leaving and heading towards Amersfoort / Schiphol, travel via station Duivendrecht. If Amsterdam / Utrecht is your direction, travel via Bijlmer Arena.


Local bus Routes 44, 45, 47, 66, 158, 174, 177, 178, 300 and 328 all head towards the arena. Visit Routeplanner for more info. 

(bus 300)

The R-net (bus 300) runs from Haarlem Station via Hoofddorp And Schiphol To Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena. From Bijlmer Arena Station it's a very short walk. 


The Strandvliet Arena (north) And Bijlmer Arena (south) Underground Stations are within walking distance of the venue. Subways 50 and 54 stop at these stations. Additional metros will depart between 06.00 And 07.00  From Bijlmer Arena station to Amsterdam Central station.

Bus Shuttle From Arena To Central Station

Between 01.00 And 06.00 Hours A Free Shuttlebus Will Transport Visitors From The Arena To Amsterdam Central Station. The Shuttle Will Depart Across The Main Entrance E Of The Amsterdam Arena.




Friday: €52,50
Saturday: €72,50

When can I get them?

Tickets on sale now

While tickets for this year have mostly sold out, the website provides details of where you might still be able to find them. 

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