Barrakud Greece

Jul 2019


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The basics

Raving. Outdoors. On beaches. 

The festival

Two festivals, two lineups, two islands, fuck loads of DJs. Good things come in twos. Or in loads. Whichever.

This year's addition of Barrakud takes places across thirteen days in July and August on the islands of Corfu in Greece and Pag in Croatia. Nice. 

Along with a banging lineup, Corfu includes venues The Cave, The Panoramic Pool, Sunset Beach, Long Beach and just to top it all off Club Vision. With Pag you've got Papaya, Kalypso, the Boat Party and Aquarius. It's like a fruity, watery, star signey rave-fest. Get your sunglasses, get a flight. Get your Greco-Croatian dictionary, get raving! 

Our tip

There's plenty to do in Corfu other than rave, though of course, raving's the name of the game. If you need a break, have a wander round the island. 





Getting there

How do I get there?

The Barrakudu bus service (which involves a plane) is a little extra, but it does mean you don't have to worry about your baggage throughout the trip. Alternatively there is the Wild Boat which includes casinos and booze and a spa. So you can party all the way to the island and then get off feeling fresh. 



Regular ticket: €109,00

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Tickets are available via Festicket.

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