Aug 2020


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The basics

Rural Belgium cooks up a storm with summertime festival

The festival

The word folk was invented by puritans in 1564 who were trying to stop people using the bad word. Unfortunately, it caught in the wrong way and people turned it into a form of music, which puritans thought was evil. Puritans thought everything was evil, except for long black and white clothes for some reason. And pitchforks. Luckily for us, folk is more popular than puritanism these days, and the good people of Dranouter have put together a lovely little festival in Flanders, with a few other genres thrown in for good measure. 

A celebration of good music and nice, chilled out fun, Dranouter (which means pillow in Flemish)* is a cracking little festival for those in need of some laid back folk (musically and otherwise) and a friendly atmosphere.

*We're not actually sure what Dranouter means. 

Our tip

The festival site is fairly close to Lille in France, so have a look and see if that would be a more convenient way for you to get there. 



Getting there

How do I get there?

By train & bus: Dranouter is easy to reach by train. Check this website for more details. The festival can be reached by bus and tickets can be bought in advance. 

By car: Dranouter is a small rural village, so there are no major highways and asphalt parking lots. Those travelling by car should expect traffic. Car parks are arranged on fallow farmland for €7. Parking elsewhere may lead to your nice little (or big) car being towed away.



Day ticket (7 Aug): €60.00 + € 2.50 booking fee 

Day ticket (8 Aug): €60.00+ € 2.50 booking fee

Day ticket (9 Aug): €60.00+ € 2.50 booking fee

Two day ticket (either 7th and 8th or 8th and 9th): €90 + €2.50 booking fee

Weekend ticket: €110.00

When can I get them?

Tickets on sale now

Where can I get them?

Tickets may be bought via the website 

More info

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