Gent Jazz Festival

Jul 2020


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The basics

Belgium's biggest jazz festival returns to East Flanders. 

The festival

Ghent.... the 'h' is silent. But the Jazz isn't silent, no, no, no. Gent (they can't seem to decide how to spell it, which is quite jazzy) markets itself as classic yet contemporary, which is fitting, as the line up at Gent Jazz Festival tends to showcase both modern and traditional jazz artists from home and around the world. Taking place in the lovely Stadsmuseum Gent, the festival's reputation is as illustrious as the artists who play there. Moreover, the festival presents other genres such as singer-songwriters and electronic artists. Mmm... nice. 

Our tip

Gent, or Ghent, if you like extra consonants, is the bee's knees. Have a look at the city tourism guide for some great ideas of things to do while you're in town. 


Getting there

How do I get there?

Gent Jazz Festival is located on the Bijlokesite in Gent, just inside the city's ring road. The public access is located on Godshuizenlaan (by the S.T.A.M. City Museum).

By foot/bike: Healthy, sustainable and without the worry of parking, Godshuizenlaan can be found a quarter hour walk from the centre of Ghent. The site is located 1.5km from de Korenmarkt and 1km from Sint-Pieters station.

The festival will provide additional bike racks at the Bijlokekaai and Godshuizenlaan near the festival entrance where cyclists can leave their bikes. To plan your cycle route through Ghent, you can visit the bicycle route planner on the web.

Those arriving in Ghent by train, can borrow a Blue-bike from the Dampoort station or Sint-Pieters station. This will make it handy for enjoying a day out in Gent and for picking up a jazz lunch. With a subscription card (€10 annual fee), you can borrow up to two Blue-bikes (€3 per day per bike). Subscribe at

By train: Those arriving by train are best to get off at the Gent-Sint-Pieters station. The festival is located 1km from here. You can take advantage of a free ride to the Gent Jazz Festival with De Lijn when you present your festival ticket.

By bus: Bus 14 (Gent – Drongen – Deinze) will take you to the Bijlokehof stop, which is 350m from the festival entrance.

By tram: If you choose to travel using Tram 1, you are best to get off at Veergrep, which is 450m from the festival entrance.

All information concerning accessibility and the latest departure times of buses and trams can be found at

By car: The best parking can be found at the Flanders Expo car park (Henri Crombezlaan or Bovenhove, 9051 Gent). If you need to travel into the centre of Ghent, you should follow the signs for the P-route and choose pay parking. More information about parking in Ghent can be found here:

The Sint-Pietersplein car park (P10) lies 1km from the festival entrance.

The Gent-Sint-Pieters Station car park lies 1km from the festival entrance.

The Kouter car park (P5) lies 1.2km from the festival entrance.

For more information about getting to the Gent Jazz Festival, visit and



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