Junction 2

Jun 2020

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The basics

Much more exciting that Spaghetti Junction

The festival

You can never have enough techno festivals can you? Or any festivals for that matter. Junction 2 is the UK's latest techno showcase held over two days at an as of yet unconfirmed (and top secret) location. Well, it's not completely secret. It's somewhere in London, and somewhere in Zone 4 which means we can rule out Camden, the Angus Steak House in Leicester Square AND Leicester Square itself. Which makes life that little bit easier. 

Also, it's meant to mix natural beauty with industrial features, which suggests a factory-cum-park kind of combo. It's all very exciting and as it's a collaboration with Drumcode, The Hydra and Closer, it's bound to be banging.

Our tip

If you ever find yourself at a crossroads in life, or a junction, take the road (or junction) less travelled by. It's more interesting.



Getting there

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1st Release – £29.50 + £2.50 booking fee

2nd Release – £29.50 + £2.95 booking fee

3rd Release – £42.50 + £3.50 booking fee

4th Release – £49.50 + £3.50 booking fee

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