Feb 2020

Kaoh Puos

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The basics

KaZantip is actually its own republic, so you need a visa to get in, or a viZa, as they're called. It's all very tongue in cheek, but then it's also all very confusing. Still, once you're in, you don't really need to worry about anything other than losing your passport, which you have to bring with you, annoyingly.

The festival

If you like nudity and the sea (two things thankfully not mutually exlcusive of one another), then you'll probably take to KaZantip festival quite kindly. This year it's being held in Thailand for the first time, on its own private island. It's also the first time it's being held in the 'winter', which of course makes no difference whatsoever because it's being held in Thailand.

What makes this festival stand out from the rest is the sense of exclusivity, with the festival goers becoming genuine 'citizens' of the republic during their stay. This coupled with the varying rules and regulations (don't worry, they're stupid ones like 'YOU MUST HAVE FUN ALL THE TIME' etc) make this a party like no other. Also, practically everyone is naked all the time, which is obviosuly AMAZING.

It's sort of like Burning Man, but smaller, not in a dessert, more music, and less fisting. Which sounds fine by us.

Kazantip has been in turmoil recently, and has previously moved between The Crimea and Cambodia. They promise there'll be another outing, but to be honest we've got no clue where or when. We'll let you know when we do. 

Our tip

Look after your sodding passport. And make sure you're buying your tickets fromt the right website - there are millions of them. It's all very confusing.




Getting there

How do I get there?

Fly to Sihanoukville or Phnom Penh Airport, and you will be met by a rep and taken to the party island. IT'S ALL VERY SECRETIVE INS'T IT?



Hardcore – from 10 Euro per night

Party Animal – from 35 Euro per night

VIP – from 80 Euro per night

Multipass – €200 including transfer from/to airport

When can I get them?

Tickets on sale now

Where can I get them?

Tickets are available via the website.

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