Lokerse Feesten

Jul 2020

Lokerse Feesten

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The basics

Dance, rock, indie, pop. This Belgian fest has it all.

The festival

Lokerse Feesten. It's in Bracknell. Just kidding! It's in Belgium of course, and it comes with a range of music more eclectic than Lady Gaga's mad wardrobe. With dance, hard-rock, indie, pop and soul all represented, it's like a United Nations of festivals, except without Tutankhamun, or whoever's running the UN at the moment. Maybe Bob Geldof.

Our tip

If you put a whole packet of Mentos in a bottle of Diet – and only Diet – Coke then it will fizz up like a soft drink fountain for about twelve seconds. It can reach up to three metres in the air and is amazing. 



Getting there

How do I get there?

By car: Via E17 Gent-Antwerpen (exit 12) or via Antwerpse Steenweg (N70) Antwerpen. Follow the signs installed at the exits and at the access roads into Lokeren (Belgium).


Not exactly an easy task during the festival. Local police are very strict concerning parking regulations during that week and your car will be towed if not parked according to the rules.

By bus or train: The festival grounds are only a five minute walk away from the train station. For more information on the timetables, check out the following sites:






Tickets range from €12 for one day, to €140 for all ten days.

When can I get them?

Tickets on sale now

Where can I get them?

Tickets available from the website.

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