Oasis Festival

Sep 2020


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The basics

An oasis of electronica in Morocco

The festival

'You've gotta roll with it, you gotta take your time.' 

Stop, stop, STOP! We aren't talking about the lads from Madchester. There's a time and a place for all that and this isn't it. This Oasis is a festival, in Morocco, where it's hot. So it's like an oasis in the middle of the desert, but instead of lots of water, you get lots of music, of the house and electronic variety.

Don't think you can live off music? Well, you can't, you would die. But they also provide lots of water as well. And food. And sunbeds. In fact, there isn't much they don't provide at the Fellah Hotel, except snowmobiles, but if you want to drive a snowmobile near a swimming pool you're just silly. Instead, sit (or lie) back, relax and listen to some of the world's best DJs with the Atlas Mountains behind you and a cocktail or two in hand. 

Our tip

Traditionally the liver, not the heart, is considered to be the symbol of love in Morocco. So if you fall in love while you're there, promise them your liver. Then get smashed. 



Getting there

How do I get there?

Marrakech, Morocco is easily accessible for European travelers, with direct flights from several major airports. The city is served by two Moroccan airports: Marrakech Menara Airport, located a mere six kilometres from the city centre, and Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport, located 227 kilometres north of the city.

Marrakech Menara Airport – Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK) is the main airport serving the Marrakech region and should be your first choice when attending Oasis. The airport is serviced by a number of international airlines, including Air France, IBERIA, British Airways, Easyjet, Germania, Norwegian, Ryanair, AIR BERLIN and Lufthansa. Once you land at the airport, access to the city itself is extremely easy. If you purchased your hotel through Oasis, a free hotel transfer will pick you up from the airport esplanade and drop you off directly at your selected hotel. For others, a taxi station is located at the airport esplanade with fares posted for all destinations so you don’t have to fear being ripped off. Just make sure to settle on a price (around 100 Dh) with your driver before taking off. A shuttle bus service also runs from the airport to Jemaa el Fna in the city and back every 20 minutes. The one-way fare is around 20 Dh. 

Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (CMN) – While the hotel recommend flying into Marrakech Menara Airport if possible, Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (CMN) is your next best choice. It is the busiest airport in Morocco and sees flights from international airlines such as Royal Air Maroc, Air France, Easyjet, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, IBERIA, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways Company and Saudi Arabian Airlines. While the airport has a taxi stand with suggested fares, you’ll have to keep in mind Casablanca is around a 2-3 hour drive from Marrakech. Your cheapest option is to take the train from the Casablanca airport station to Marrakech, which will take roughly 4-5 hours. The train station is located at level 1 outside of Terminal 1 Arrivals, where you will be able to purchase tickets for your train. Note you will have to purchase two train tickets; the first to take you from the airport to the local city station of Casa Voyageurs and the second to take you onward to Marrakech.



Ticket: £128 

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