Jun 2020

Darupvej 19

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The basics

If you’re missing out on Glasto tickets this year, Roskilde would be your next best bet. Full on festival madness on a huge site.

The festival

Quite simply, Roskilde is North Europe’s largest music and arts festival. It’s been running since 1971 and the guys behind it know their stuff - they have the organisation of this down to a fine art, and even run a charity of the same name, use LED lighting and have all manner of green and sustainable initiatives. It’s staffed completely by volunteers and is often referred to as one of the most friendliest festivals on the circuit.

But we digress. Like Glastonbury there’s a serious commitment to performance arts, creating bespoke, beautiful and weird spaces and it prides itself on offering gourmet style food rather than doughnuts and chips. Recover in style with Vietnamese pho or reindeer stew or try the range of tipples on offer including organic wine and various cool cocktail bars.

Our tip

 If you’re over camping, then there are a couple of glamping options including tenthouses which even have electrical outlets to charge phones (or if you can’t do without your straighteners).



Getting there

How do I get there?

Roskilde is located just 35 km from Copenhagen.

Travelling by Coach/Bus: Roskilde Festival bus transportation partners; Swebus and Festivalbussen have both tours from and to Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Oslo. Swebus: With Swebus you have the opportunity to buy bus transportation. With Festivalbussen you have the opportunity to buy both festival ticket and bus transportation.




Full festival Ticket: 1940 DKK

Making a Change Ticket: 2165 DKK

One Day Ticket: 980 DKK


When can I get them?

Tickets on sale now

Where can I get them?

Tickets are available via Festicket.

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