Sonic Visions

Nov 2020


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The basics

Come and party at the hub of the music world: Luxembourg. 

The festival

Luxembourg doesn't sound like a great setting for a festival, and that's exactly why this festival was created. Championing Luxembourg's own musical talent alongside international acts - some of whom are really quite big - the festival is also a conference where industry bigwigs from inside and outside Luxembourg can go to seminars, debates and talks. You could probably go along too, but let's face it - do you want to? You'll probably have a hangover - it'd be like uni all over again. The important thing is that the music is pretty great, and it all takes place indoors where your socks won't get soggy.

The festival venue is actually only a few minutes away from the French border (and pretty close to all the other borders, given the size of Luxembourg), so it might make a decent road trip from the UK. But why do that when we have the magic of flight at our fingertips? Metaphorically speaking, of course, we're not super-heroes...

Our tip

Your ticket doubles as a pass on all of the city's public transport, meaning you can get to and from gigs totally free!




Getting there

How do I get there?

The festival ticket is valid for free public transport within the whole Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. To avoid traffic jams and poisoning the earth, they suggest you try to use it where you can. All you have to do is show your concert ticket (hard ticket or e-ticket) to take the train or bus free of charge.


The Rockhal recommends access by train via line 60: Luxembourg-Bettembourg-Esch-Pétange, which provides a link with the hall every thirty minutes. The stop is Belval Université, which is at the Rockhal. In principle, for your return journey after concerts, you can catch the train via line line 60.


2 bus routes operate to and from Rockhal every day (line 3 and line 4). Key destinations include Esch, Kayl and Schifflange. Check out Tice for more info. 


Luxembourg Findel Airport, the primary airport in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is located about 30 kilometres from Esch Belval. The easiest way to reach the Rockhal from the airport is to take a bus to Luxembourg City (Gare) and then the train.


The car parks close to the Rockhal only have a limited number of spaces, so you really are better off taking public transport. 



4-day festival tickets, which cover all the shows (including the warm-up show) cost €58, and €45 for students. Individual day tickets range between €12 (for the metal day) and €38 (for the days with big headliners). You can get more information from the website


When can I get them?

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