sos48 Murcia

May 2020

Avda Primero de Mayo

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The basics

Premium bands at a cut-price 

The festival

The website for sos48 is completely in Spanish, but some things are the same in any language. Like money. And at less than €50 for the weekend, this is a b-b-bargain. Another thing which is the same in any language is band names. Well, technically not, but you catch the gist of our drift. sos48 is a cultural event which prides itself on music, art and voices (we needed Google translate for that bit). But it translates roughly as noises, paintings and talking about stuff, which can't be a bad thing.

With acts from all over the place, from Belgium to Austria to Kettering, it's bound to be loads of fun. And it'll probably be sunny. And Morrissey will be there. Smiles all round!

Our tip

Ryanair fly to Mercia from eight UK locations. Nice.

You know that dodgy fruit and veg you get in supermarkets? Yeah, here they do the real deal. We'd recommend trying the local oranges, almonds, lemons and cherries. You'll never go value again.




Getting there

How do I get there?


Direct buses to the festival can be taken from across the country. Look at Descapada

Shared Car

If you come by car, it's best shared! You'll save money and emissions. Look at Amovens

Public transport

The Festival is well connected by public transport whether you come from afar – you can come by bus or train to Murcia, to get around the city.

On foot or by bike: If you are near the Festival are on foot or by bike then you'll boast a zero carbon footprint. DO THAT – the festival is all about low emissions.



Full Ticket - Enter and Exit whenever you like - €48.99

VIP Ticket with special extras - € 79.99

Restricted ticket - Entry restricted between 17-19 - € 44.99

Friday full entry - € 29.99

Saturday full entry - €29.99 

When can I get them?

Tickets on sale now

Where can I get them?

Tickets available from festival website  

More info

Official Site