Spring Attitude

May 2020

Spring Attitude

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The basics

An electronic festival in the Italian capital.

The festival

Bonjour, no? That's what Italians say when they are asking each other whether or not they should be saying hello to each other. And Italians say hello to each other a lot. With an eclectic line up of big name electronic artists from the land that gave us pizza, ice cream, roads and Cirencester, Spring Attitude is one not to miss for electro-heads. Bonjour, no? What do you mean no? It looks amazing. See for yourself. 

What's that, you're interested? Okay, listen up, we'll tell you more. The festival takes place in sunny May at three different locations. Maxxi is an architectural wonder designed for contemporary creativity. The Pelanda & Factory, on the other hand, is a former slaughterhouse, but all they slaughter nowadays are beats. It's been turned into a great venue, so don't worry, There Won't Be Blood. Finally, you've got the Spazio Novecento, with its white marble interior and two scenic terraces, it's an absolute beaut. 

So, are you sure you want to spend mid-May in Angleterre? That's what the Italians call England. Maybe. See you in Rome! 

Our tip

To get the most out of the Spring Attitude experience, we'd recommend getting the Passport ticket, which gives you access to all the venues and takes the stress away. Also, it's in euros, which is essentially Monopoly money, so you don't have to worry about the cost. 



Getting there

How do I get there?

With three different venues, attending the festival will involve a little bit of travelling, but that never hurt anyone. The organisers have provided detailed directions on their site, but for those who aren't fluent in Italian (like us), here's a little guide.

To get to the Maxxi venue you can either take bus number 168 (stop Maxxi). If you want to travel by train you can take the bus 168 to Tiburtina station and then get the train to Reni/Flaminia. 

To get to Pelanda  + Factory take metro Line B to Piramide and then the venue is just a short five minute walk. There is a useful map on the above weblink.

To get to Spacio Novecento, take Line B from Eur Palasport and the venue is, again, just a short five-minute walk. Bus lovers can take buses 703, 714 or 767 from Station Colombo/Civilization of Labour. 



Maxxi Museum: €15 (May 14) 

The Pelanda + Factory: €25 (adv), €30 on the door (May 15) 

Factory: €10 (May 16) 

Spazio Novecento: €32 (adv), €35 on the door

Red Bull Academy: €10 (17 May) 

Passport: €55 (14-16 May) 

When can I get them?

Tickets on sale now

Where can I get them?

Tickets are available via the festival website

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