SXMusic Festival

Mar 2020


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The basics

A music festival, in paradise, basically

The festival

What is SXMusic Festival? Nope, it's not a festival celebrating everyone's (except nuns) favourite activity with one letter missing, not at all. It's a new music festival in the Caribbean, on the beautiful island of St. Martin. The small island, we're told, has temperatures hovering in the 80s all year long. We hope that's Fahrenheit and not celsius (or the decade). A mixture of French and Dutch culture, it's like a Chelsea team of the mid-90's, which in hindsight was quite a fun thing. 

SXM is a derivation of the airport code, as the festival location is a destination for aviation lovers. During the festivities, planes will land and take off right above your head, a bit like in Wayne's World, if you've ever seen that film. 

Another cool thing about SXMusic is that the DJs are encouraged to stay the whole week and mingle with the fans, giving you the opportunity to bump into some big name acts who would otherwise shun you entirely. Well, they probably wouldn't, they're generally really nice, but at most festivals, there's loads of security guards and about fifty metres between you and your favourite DJs. 

Our tip

St Martin is the patron saint of wine merchants and alcoholics, so you're in good hands 



Getting there

How do I get there?

The SXM website provides detailed travel instructions. The festival has 17 official partner hotels and this link will allow you to find flights from the UK to the island.




5 Day General Admission: Limited Early Bird Release – €150.00 €19.50

When can I get them?

Tickets on sale now

Where can I get them?

Tickets available from the website

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