Upstart Crow Festival

Sep 2020

Upstart Crow

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The basics

A not-for-profit festival in London's Spitalfield's Market

The festival

Those uppity crows are well aggressive, in't they? Luckily, crows tend to calm down a bit when you play them a nice bit of folk music. For some reasons it's Belgian trance with magpies, Band of Seagulls with seagulls and Justin Bieber with tits. 

This one day festival was such a success in its maiden year that it's now a fixture in London's oldest street market. With an array of internationally recognised folk and acoustic talent, it's definitely worth a visit. Moreover, locally sourced food and drink are available from various vendors at the festival, so unless you're a magpie, this one will have everything you need. Head to Dalston if you want Belgian trance. That's where it's at innit. 

Our tip

It's considered unlucky to spot a single crow, lucky if you see two. If you ever find yourself confronted by a solitary crow make sure to punch it square on the nose. Unless it's Sheryl Crow. She's a lovely person. 



Getting there

How do I get there?

By tube: Liverpool Street Underground Station (4 min walk)

Shoreditch High Street Overground Station (7 min walk)

Aldgate Underground Station (9 min walk)

Aldgate East Underground Station (10 min walk)

By car: Parking is extremely scarce in this area of London – and expensive – so it's recommended you travel by train if possible. 



Nada. Zilch. Nula. It's free 

When can I get them?

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