Zrce Spring Break Croatia

May 2020

Zrce beach

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The basics

Electonic music festival on a Croatian party beach at student prices

The festival

Renowned beach lovers and vowel haters the Croats are at it again, with yet another amazing dance festival in the form of Zrce Spring Break. Think you're having trouble pronouncing it now? Try getting it out through a mouthful of sand after 4 days of solid partying. Actually, now we think about it, that's probably the only sound you'll be capable of making by the time you're done. Good luck at passport control. 

With two different clubs on a private beach, a party boat shaped like a pirate ship and special student prices, it's pretty clear which demographic Zrce is going for. But if you fall into that demographic there's a hell of a lot for you here. Dance, house and techno will be mixing beautifully with sun, sea and sand. And, unusually, you can get an apartment in the nearby town for really not very much moolah. No more sleeping on the dunes for you. We mean it - get up and go to bed before the tide comes in, you messy, messy pup. Thank you.

Our tip

If you've got two x chromosomes and you don't mind pimping them out for cheap festival entry, check out the Girls United Early Bird Package. Sure, it's objectifying, but with that much extra cash to spend on bikinis, do we really care? (Maybe)




Getting there

How do I get there?

The festival takes place on (and sailing just off) Zrce beach, on the island of Pag, a few hours outside Split. Accommodation is 2km away from the beach in the town of Novalja, but comes with free unlimited transfers to and from the action. 



Early bird entrance only tickets are £55.65

When can I get them?

Tickets on sale now

Where can I get them?

Tickets available from the website

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