Seeing the world can sometimes feel like a selfish endeavour. The environmental impacts of travel have been well-discussed, but what about the sociological impact? The burst of commercial tourism has put immeasurable pressure on communities around the world. And yet, it is seeing the world and experiencing new cultures that often helps us maintain a global world view, and allows us to understand different perspectives. As conscious travellers have begun to grapple with that conundrum, a new approach to travel has been born – giving back as you explore. These Voluntourism trips will take you across the world, from African plains to Australian reefs, fostering biodiversity and community as you go. 

The best voluntourism trips for 2024

Elephant Conservation

Namibia and Zambia

Extensively hunted for their tusks during the centuries-long ivory trade, elephants have been at risk from human poachers for too long. This comprehensive programme gets you deeply involved in their conservation and protection in Namibia and Zambia. From developing water sources for elephant herds to collecting data on migration patterns and protecting orphaned elephants, this is a holistic programme focused on future-proofing the species. You’ll also get a front-row seat to experience some of Namibia and Zambia’s most impressive landscapes, camping in beautiful wild areas and falling asleep under the stars.

From £3,000;

Finca Gaia

Puerto Rico

Have you always wanted to try your hand as a lumberjack? Get your forestry fill at Finca Gaia, just 30 miles outside of San Juan in Puerto Rico. Ideally suited for day experiences, guests will have the opportunity to work on an agroecological farm that boasts over 50 species of flora, 80 types of fruit as well as 15 exotic, three endemic and 37 native species. You’ll have the chance to learn what daily farm work is all about by preparing composting beds, harvesting fruits and planting vegetables, herbs and trees for future seasons.

From £48;

Whale Shark Conservation


Miles away from the stereotypical excursion to the Maldives, this Natucate trip will involve you in the conservation of endangered whale sharks with a team of international volunteers. The 11-day project will be spent aboard the MV Felicity and play a key role in conservation efforts as you monitor population levels, take photos of the animals and even measure the whale sharks by hand. Aside from safekeeping one of Mother Earth’s most striking sharks, there will be opportunities for downtime and the chance to dive, snorkel and swim in the Maldives’ legendary gin-clear waters.

From £2,200;

Closed for Maintenance

Faroe Islands

Ever heard the expression ‘forge your own trail?’ That’s exactly what’s on the menu in the Faroe Islands, where the Closed For Maintenance experience will take place in autumn 2024. 100 participants will have the opportunity to enjoy free accommodation, food and transport on the islands over a three-night visit in exchange for two days of maintenance, creating and way posting hiking trails across the stunning islands in ten popular sites closed to the public. Not only will you get the opportunity to enjoy one of the North Atlantic’s most incredible island landscapes, you’ll get to make your mark on it for a good cause at the same time.


Marine Conservation


The world’s largest coral reef and also one of Australia’s top tourist attractions, the Great Barrier Reef is a bit of a moral dilemma for responsible travellers. As one of the most significant marine ecosystems on our planet, it is imperative that we protect it and allow it to thrive, yet the downside of mass tourism is extra pressure on an environment that’s already threatened. In steps No Limit Adventures’ Marine Conservation Programmes. Over a period of twelve days based out of Cairns, you’ll not only obtain your PADI dive certificate at either Open Water or Advanced Open Water level, but you’ll also work with sustainable operator Passions of Paradise, undertaking a series of conservation activities under the watchful eye of a Master Reef Guide. Get your feet wet.

From £3,800;