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Chris Borg

10 mesmerising pictures of ancient rice paddies

When a flooded field of rice becomes a work of art…

Hotel Of The Week: Primadonna, Turkey

As the sun abruptly sets on a very un-British summer, the southern Med is (thankfully) still home to high temperatures and long sunny days.Head to Patara, one o

Hotel Of The Week: Icehotel, Sweden

Matt Huckle is finding the weather too mild, even after the recent drop in temperature. Maybe the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland will keep him quiet.


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Just Landed: March 2015 Travel News

This month we're drooling after chic new villas in Greece, donning our lycra for an Italian marathon, booking onto some new flight routes from British Airways a

Promotion: The best of Greece from Original Travel

In association with Original TravelA holiday to Greece is guaranteed to involve the perfect combination of culture, exploration, sunshine and relaxation. There