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Two islands, one nation: exploring the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago

The twinned Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago may be separated by just 30 miles of water, but they’re worlds apart in terms of culture and appearance

Pixie Lott Interview: The musician shares her travel tales, tips and secrets

Succeeding as an international pop star isn’t just a path to fame and fortune: it’s a one-way ticket to exploring the world. Isn’t it? Pixie Lott shares her travel tales, tips and secrets…

Free diving in the Caribbean: taking the plunge

Free diving in the waters surrounding Petit St Vincent is a breathtaking experience in more ways than one. Not only do we get an insight into the bright and beautiful sights of the sea, but we get a lesson in ocean conservation, too

Top 3 Tough Suitcases

Tumi Vapor, £495 It may sound like a spaceship, but the Tumi Vapor is actually a hard-wearing suitcase made of polycarbonate alloy. It’s lightweight, too, so

Highs and Lows: hiking and scuba in St Lucia

While St Lucia continues to attract visitors looking for the quintessential Caribbean getaway, there's more to the island nation than its beach resorts, with jaw-dropping mountain hikes, scuba diving and vibrant fauna and flora to discover

Holidays to Costa Rica: discover pura vida

No matter what kind of traveller you are, the peaceful Central American country of Costa Rica should be on your must-visit list. Wildlife, beaches, sun, sea and great hotels – it’s really got it all

The best islands for beaches

The best thing about islands? They've often got unfettered access to beautiful beaches. Here are some of our favourites

Top Three: Family holidays

Learning doesn't need to be boring, especially when diving, football and swimming are involved. Here you'll find some great family holidays for the kids, and you...

Escape for the winter with SLH Hotels

Want to escape the winter cold? SLH offers more than 500 independently minded properties in more than 80 destinations around the world