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Promotion: The best of Greece from Original Travel

In association with Original TravelA holiday to Greece is guaranteed to involve the perfect combination of culture, exploration, sunshine and relaxation. There

This summer's best Greek island holidays with Sunvil

From blissful weeks away to island-hopping escapes, nothing beats a summer holiday to the Greek islands – and no one does it better than Sunvil

Why Greece makes the perfect adventure destination

Whether you want to climb to an ancient monastery or stroll along herb-lined paths, Greece is the place to find all the adventure you could hope for

Holidays to Greece: a taste of history

Beyond Greece’s whitewashed villages lies a whole world of history, natural beauty and culture that’s just ripe for exploring. Here are just a few of the under-the-radar activities you could get up to

The Graffiti artists heralding a new Hellenistic art style in Athens, Greece

The economic crisis had Greece on its knees, but there’s an exciting new art scene emerging from the rubble. Laura Millar visits Athens to meet the graffiti artists heralding a new Hellenistic style. But this has nothing to do with temples or marble statues

Winging It: Kefalonia, Greece

There are 237 inhabited islands in Greece, each of them just sitting there looking all pretty and waiting for your visit. We've scoped a few out and found our fave…

Top Three: Family holidays

Learning doesn't need to be boring, especially when diving, football and swimming are involved. Here you'll find some great family holidays for the kids, and you...

Top Three: Getaways for groups

Villa rental is a surprisingly affordable way to holiday. We've rounded up some spectacular villas to rent in Cornwall, Italy and Greece 

Thrace, Greece: why you need to visit

Move over Santorini: Thrace, Greece is a region bursting with wild beauty, breathtaking scenery and unique Byzantine, Ottoman and medieval heritage