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Iriomote Island, Japan: a uniquely remote adventure

Fewer than 3,000 people live on Iriomote Island, but they share its unique and spectacular landscape with an incredible array of flora and fauna. It's the perfect place for a wild and culture-packed adventure

Weird World: Nagoro, Japan

Things have taken a slightly unsettling turn in Nagoro, on the Japanese island of Shikoku, where inhabitants have found a novel way of remembering the dead.

Top Three: Whisky distillery destinations

Every 21 May, 250,000 people around the world clink glasses to celebrate World Whisky Day. So here you'll find our favourite whisky distillery tours from around the world...

Hello Kitty: discovering Japan's alternative Golden Triangle

Laura Chubb heads off the beaten track in Japan, and uncovers a whole new side to the country

Just Landed: What's new for Spring 2017

From charity trips to Tanzania to time-off maxing in the onsens of Japan, here's this month's best travel news

Top Three: Beaches for activities

We like lazing on the sand, but we also like surfing, diving and being whizzed around in a big inflatable doughnut. Here's where to get your active beach fix.

Goto Islands, Nagasaki, Japan: unforgettable landscapes and unexpected history

A historic destination for pilgrims with wild, untouched landscapes, Nagasaki's remote Gotō Islands make for an unforgettable getaway

Your Weekly Fix Of Travel Culture

Souzou: Outsider art from Japan, The Wellcome CollectionSouzou (loosely meaning creation or imagination in Japanese) presents a diverse exhibition including cer

The Element of Surprise: an encounter with Iga, Japan

Keen to go beyond the bright lights of Osaka, Joe Minihane visits Iga, and finds a city where stealth is key