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Colorado is heaven for mountain bikers and beer lovers

The US state of Colorado is famous for clean living and craft brewing. So we hopped on a mountain bike and knocked back a few bottles

Kobe: A foodie alternative to Japan's Golden Triangle

Sake, spas and street food, with a side order of karaoke and culture? No, it’s not too good to be true: it’s just another day in the Japanese city of Kobe

The Intrepid Series: Hiking rim to rim in the Grand Canyon in 24-hours

Going all the way down to the bottom of America's epic abyss, and coming up the other side on the ‘rim to rim’ hike

Inside Coachella: America's A-list answer to Glastonbury

Beauty salons, VIP parties, yoga… There’s plenty going on at Coachella festival in Palm Springs, California, but there’s one crucial thing missing

Travel Guide: Marrakech, Morocco

The best places to eat, drink and sleep in Marrakech, as well as the best of the sights

We fished for tarpon in Fort Myers, Florida

What's eight feet long, 280 lbs and puts up one hell of a fight? The tarpon, that's what. We headed to Florida's western coast in search of the not-so-gentle giant...

Travel Guide: Florence, Italy

Explore way beyond the obvious tourist sites with our guide to Florence’s must-sees

Your Next Trip: Sorted

The experts at Insight Guides are ready and waiting to ease your travel pains. Let them show you the way to holiday heavenQ: I’m taking part in the Talisker W

Earn Your Spurs In Texas

Texas may boast the 'Cowboy Capital of the World', but there's more to it than yeehaw and honky-tonk. Neil Davey saddles up to enjoy a state in which food, fun and the far-out all abound