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Winging It: Halifax, Nova Scotia

No, not the bank you know from that chirpy bloke on the telly. Not the Yorkshire town, either. We're talking about the Canadian city – packed with culture, seafood, and really polite people

Mountain Jam

Rock in the Catskills

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Ronan J O'Shea


Ronan J O'Shea is an Irish writer and journalist born and raised in London, and has written for titles including Escapism, Foodism, National Geographic Traveller, The Independent, New York Post, easyJet Traveller, Headspace, Talkspace, LADbible, Travel Weekly, bInspired and Oryx.

This confused national identity influenced his wanderlust, and he lived in the Czech Republic for many years. He worked as a TEFL teacher in Prague, which remains, objectively speaking*, the best city in the world. He wrote a book the experience which he's going to publish at some point this year when his housemate Gary does the illustration and he figures out how to use Kindle Create. It's about bread, loss and coffee and is objectively brilliant.**

His travel writing has taken him from chilly winds in the Faroe Islands to vineyards in South Australia for Foodism and Escapism. He has also covered remote Alphonse Island in the Seychelles where he met a giant tortoise named George and accidentally hooked a shark while fishing. The shark won. Aside from the Faroe Islands and Australia, he has written about Hvar, Ireland and Abu Dhabi for Escapism. Through sheer coincidence, he was commissioned to travel to his ancestral home in 2016 to the Skellig Islands, which were featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the new one, which he would rather forget. He is going to try to milk the connection again in 2018.

Along with travel, he now writes about mental health, the environment and lifestyle, and runs a blog called The Anxious Travel Writer, where he reports on his angst-riddled travels around the globe. His work can be found here and here. He had to get two websites because one had swearing and stuff.

*It is.

*It might not be.


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