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11 Pictures That Will Convince You To Surf An Arctic Wave

Surreal and epic are the two words that best sum up the photographs from this daring surf mission. Californian surf photographer Chris Burkard shunned Santa Bar

Hotel Of The Week: Soul & Surf, Kerala

Fed up with just lying on the beach on holiday? Head to Soul & Surf in Kerala instead, then.

The New Wave: Alternative views of Spain

From human pyramids to secret surf beaches and flea markets, these pictures show Spain at its most beautiful, fun and dramatic

World's best waves – amazing surf spots in photos

Whether you love surfing or just love gawping at the sea, these world-famous surf breaks – picked by some of the best surf photographers on Earth – are jaw-dropping

Winging It: San Diego

Dogs! On surfboards! Just to reiterate, that's dogs, in wetsuits, on surfboards.

8 of the best yoga camps for 2018

From traditional to alternative, serene to family-friendly, we've tracked down our favourite yoga retreats this year. All together now: ommm

Surfing in Senegal: Following in the footsteps of The Endless Summer

World-famous waves aren't far from the Senegalese capital of Dakar, so we explored the rugged coast of N'Gor Island

Kernow Calling: Five Cornish Breaks

Cornwall’s winding coastline and rolling waves make it a surfer’s paradise. But even if you don’t fancy getting your hair wet there’s plenty on offer, says Duncan Madden.

Top Three: Beaches for activities

We like lazing on the sand, but we also like surfing, diving and being whizzed around in a big inflatable doughnut. Here's where to get your active beach fix.