Jul 2020

Le Barcares

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The basics

Thumping beats and sun kissed bodies in the South of France 

The festival

Sizzle sizzle sizzle, that's the sound of us lying on a sunlounger in Port Barcares, getting burnt to a cinder. Luckily, you're probably more sensible than us and remembered your sun cream. Doesn't matter though, because come the evening, we'll be dancing our little booties off to some electronic music on the beach at Electrobeach (hence the name).

France's biggest electronic festival takes place in Port Baracés, which until the '60s was a quiet fishing village. Then the fish got addicted to electro music and now they, and the locals, can't get enough of the stuff, and neither can we. With the festival taking place in July, you've got guaranteed sunshine, which is not something you can say if you're in Newquay is it now? 

Our tip

With an 8km coastline, Port Baracés is perfect for ravers in need of a little vitamin D. 




Getting there

How do I get there?

Destination Clubbing provide a helpful rundown of the travel options for festival goers. 

By bus: Departure is only from France, Spain, or Switzerland. The bus drops you off in front of the festival’s camping site. A Destination Clubbing staff member is present on each bus.

By train: Departure is only from Paris and Lyon. On the way there, a shuttle will be waiting at the SNCF train station to drop you off in front of the festival’s camping site. On the way back, a shuttle will take you from the camping site to the SNCF train station. A Destination Clubbing staff member is present on each train.

By air: The airports closest to Port Barcarès are Perpignan (25km), Gerona (130km), and Barcelona (230km).

If you arrive by plane at Gerona or Barcelona, late paying shuttles are planned, departing from these two cities, for all those who land on the 10th of July in the afternoon. These shuttles will stop in the center of Perpignan to drop off passengers who booked a hotel with Destination Clubbing.



3 Day ticket – €128

1-Day ticket – 1-Day passes will be available soon and the prices will be listed on the website

When can I get them?

Tickets on sale now

Where can I get them?

Tickets available from the festival website

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