Colours of Ostrava

Jul 2020


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The basics

It's in an old coal factory in Central Europe. What's not to like? Beer and fossil fuels. Whoop whoop!  

The festival

What do you do with a rundown, spooky looking old coal factory? Well, obviously, you gut it out, get loads of bands and have a sweet ass festival, and that's what the boys and girls at Colours of Ostrava have been doing since 2002. Located on the Polish-Czech border, Colours is proper bo, and they've been attracting bigger and bigger headliners every year. 

For less than the price of whatever costs £59 in England these days (fifty-eight scratchcards?) this four dayer is a steal, and the food and drink ain't too bad either. The Czechs drink more beer than any other country on, or off, Planet Earth. And they're pretty good at making it too. Try Radegast, the region's premium lager. It's delish. And it costs a quid! 


Our tip

Don't just go for the music, there's bare other stuff too. Have a wander around the old factory grounds and check out the museum. There's all sorts of interesting stuff to see and do, including poetry readings and graffiti competitions. Oh, and try Radegast. I already said that. Okay, try another. 



Getting there

How do I get there?

From the capital, Prague, you can get a train or a bus to the centre of Ostrava. Trains are frequent and take just over 3 hours. Buses are another good option. We recommend using Student Agency. You even get a free tea or coffee and Wi-Fi. It's also possible to fly to Brno from London and from there it's just two hours to Ostrava. 

For those thinking of driving, bear in mind the D1 motorway is under reconstruction and you may sit in traffic for a long time. 



Four day tickets available from just €84. 

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