Into the Valley

Jul 2020

Into the Valley

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The basics

City vibes in a countryside setting.

The festival

'Into the valley takes the pulse of the city to the heart of the forest.'

So say the organisers of Into the Valley and we're inclined to agree. The festival takes place in a club which is inside a quarry, which is cool, isn't it? Good, we're glad you agree. Revellers get to dance to the sound of music (not the film about Switzerland and horrible nazis) with lovely trees in the background.

With an array of local and international talent on the cards (or line up, as it's commonly known), the festival looks the perfect excuse to have a little soiree in Scandinavia. Just don't abbreviate it to SS when organising it in an email chain with friends. It will make people think you're nazis. And we already said that wasn't good. 

Our tip

Umbrellas are banned at the event because you'll end up blocking everyone's view, which is not a nice thing to do. But they do sell ponchos, and ponchos are sexy. 


Getting there

How do I get there?

The venue is called Dalhalla, a former limestone quarry located in Dalarna, which is about 280 km northwest of Stockholm. Below are some suggestions on how to get to the festival.

By Festival Train – The Into the Valley festival train is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to the festival. The train departs from Stockholm on Friday at 10pm, leaving again on Sunday at 1pm.

Regular train – is the national train operator. SJ offers various departures from everywhere in Sweden. The station closest to Dalhalla is Rättvik.

By Air - has all the information regarding flights and departures by air. The closest airport to Dalhalla is Dala airport (Borlänge) or Mora airport. If you can’t find any flights from your departing city they recommend you fly to Arlanda airport, Stockholm, and change to a connecting flight or train there.

By car - Dalhalla is located 7 km from Rättvik, towards Mora. Exit from Riksväg 70, just north of Rättvik, towards Kullsberg/Nittsjö. Follow the road signs towards Dalhalla. Parking is free. 

By bus - There will be four different bus routes to the festival and the organisers have drawn a nice little picture here



Stadard two-day tickets

Early bird: 790 sek 

First release: 1190 sek

Second release: 1490 sek 

Third release: 1690 sek 

Two-day plus tickets

Second release: 1990 sek (+500 for optional upgrade) 

Camping for 1-4 people: 495 sek 

When can I get them?

Tickets on sale now

Where can I get them?

Tickets may be purchased directly on the website

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