Rock im Park

Jun 2020

Kurt-Schmidtpeter-Weg 10

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The basics

For 30 years, Germany has held one of the biggest rock and metal festivals in the world. Holding two annual days – Rock am Ring and Rock im Park – full of mayhem. One's held at the Nürburgring in Nürburg (at least it was until 2015 anyway) and the other in various locations (parks, usually – the name wouldn't make too much sense otherwise).

The festival

If you're serious about metal, then we suggest either becoming a welder, or heading to Germany next summer to catch the biggest artists flailing about on stage at Rock im Park.

Much like at its sister festival, Rock am Ring, you can expect to see a bunch (most likely the exact same lineup) of the best rock and metal acts at this festival. The main difference is that you're not on a racetrack (or air field), you're in a park (sort of).

Think that's about all you need to know really. If you like metal and/or swinging that weighty thing at the top of your body in an up and down motion, then chances are you'll like Rock im Park.

Our tip

Be sure to try a Currywurst whilst you're there. It's a big sausage covered in curry sauce and IT'S BETTER THAN EVERYTHING.


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Three day festival pass: 185.00 EUR

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