Ever get the feeling that someone's watching you? Pittsburgh-based photographer Ed Panar does, daily. But luckily for him it's (probably) not the NSA, it's actually just a bunch of attention-seeking critters. From chance encounters to hidden gems, his second book of inquisitive animals, er, Animals That Saw Me: Volume 2, celebrates 20 years of being looked at by curious creatures.

If we've learned anything while looking at these snaps, it's that animals are as cute as they are creepy – oh, and most of them are absolutely terrible at hiding. From goofy gophers to sheepish, erm, sheep, the book shows off some of the weirdest wildlife America has to offer.

All of the cool shots are featured in the new book, Animals That Saw Me: Volume 2, which is available from 25 October, published by The Ice Plant. You can view a trailer here.

More information at edpanar.com/amazon.co.uk