We get it, wearing all your clothes to keep your case at cabin-size isn't pretty. Nor is watching tourists misunderstand the meaning of 100ml while you mutter your way along the security line.

For a lot of us, airports can be the most boring places on the face of the Earth. However, when you look beyond the departures board – or indeed at the pages of new book, The Art of the Airport – you'll notice something sublime and under-appreciated about the world's great waiting places (just maybe not at Luton).

Taking in 21 of the most beautiful airport terminals that Earth has to offer, the book celebrates the intrigue and outright ambition of airport architecture. From artificial Japanese islands to abandoned Athenian airbases The Art of the Airport illuminates our runways with cool pictures, interviews, essays and in-depth architectural plans.

The Art of the Airport, by Stefan Eiselin, Laura Frommberg and Alexander Gutzmer, is available to buy now for £25, published by Frances Lincoln.

For more information, visit franceslincoln.com