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Hotel Review: ME Hotel, London

A quaint boarding house this is not – we visit a London hotel with one foot in the future.

ME Hotel London

Like a great many things, the term 'design hotel' has become something of a tired buzzword; a term used to market any hotel that hangs a bit of art up in the hallways, decks the lobby out in Eames chairs and plonks a copy of Wallpaper on your bedside table.

But every so often, the creativity of architects and artists culminates in something that truly merits the term. The kind of place with sweeping, arcing ceilings, innovative pop-up art exhibitions and perspectives only before seen in MC Escher sketches.

You can probably guess which category London's ME Hotel falls under. And if you can't, signing in at reception should give you a hint: look and up you'll see an impossible triangular planed ceiling that stretches all the way up to touch the bottom of its resident bar, Radio, which is on the tenth floor.

Speaking of which, there's an immediate, immaculate impressiveness to Radio – its perfect symmetry, its attentive bar-staff, its picture postcard view out across the capital – and that's carried on into the bowels of the hotel. A top-down approach, you could say.

There's an immediate, immaculate impressiveness to Radio, the hotel's bar

Despite the view at Radio, it's upon entering your room that you'll really draw breath. Even for a five-star hotel, it's impressive. You'll walk past an ergonomically built bathroom – all whisper-quiet sliding doors and a shower that could sleep 20 – before making your way to the main event: an enormous, plush bed that looks out through a window over the Strand and onwards as far as Trafalgar Square.

The dizzying, jaw-dropping reception room gives an immediate impression

A slick black cupboard opposite the bed opens out to a TV, along with a bar you'd disrespect by using the prefix 'mini' – although if you're after a drink, it would be foolish not to venture back up to the tenth floor and get stuck into a few too many cocktails.

There are, obviously, more storied and venerable hotels in London. But if you're after somewhere that's futuristic, classy and that can really make your jaw drop, look no further. Oh ME, oh my. ■

336-337 The Strand, WC2R 1HA. Rooms start at £384. To find out more: 080 8234 1953;