Canyon RoadLite:ON e-bike: What is it?

It's an e-bike. Obviously. But this is an e-bike according to Canyon, which means it brings the German bike brand's trademark sleek design and top-notch functionality to the table. The RoadLite:ON is technically a hybrid, which means you can turn off the electronic assistance whenever you like. In fact, you can even remove the Fazua battery completely to make the bike lighter – even though it still weighs in at just 15.5kg with the battery pack, considerably lighter than other e-bikes (and it gets even lighter if you opt for the higher-end option).

The bike has three levels of assistance, depending how much help you want from the motor: 'breeze' (green lights, the most gentle setting); 'river' (blue, for a medium level of help) and 'rocket' (pink, for maximum support). You can switch between the three easily thanks to an easy-to-use touchpad on the downtube. Most importantly, the motor itself is so smooth – the harder you push, the more you get from it – that you barely notice it's an e-bike at all.

Canyon RoadLite:ON e-bike: Why do I need it?

Canyon describes this as a 'fitness e-bike', which sounds like it shouldn't make sense – but the brand has its reasons. The idea is that the motor will help you push yourself to go further, whether you're an experienced rider heading out on long rides or a cyclist new to riding who can take to the road knowing that help will always be there if it's needed.

What's more, you can download an app to your smartphone – currently the Fazua app, which is made by the motor manufacturer, but Canyon is working with the Munich-based company to develop its own – which means you can easily see how much battery you've got left and how much power you're putting in.

Canyon RoadLite:ON e-bike: Should I buy it?

If you want the flexibility of being able to use the e-bike motor but also occasionally want to ride without, yes. In fact, you're technically getting two bikes for the price of one – and seriously good ones at that. We've mainly spoken about the e-bike functionality of the RoadLite:ON, but that aside, it's still a brilliant Canyon bike that rides beautifully. Throw in the fact that you can also buy a special box that fits into the slot for the battery when you aren't using it that's perfectly shaped for a burrito and we're sold.

From £2,499 for the lowest-end model.