In partnership with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority

With its soft golden sands, endless days of sunshine and turquoise waters stretching along the island’s 205 miles of stunning coastline, there could hardly be a better place to relax than Mauritius.

This beautiful Indian Ocean tropical hideaway is encircled by the coral reef just a few hundred metres off shore, with a verdant interior full of swaying sugar cane and dramatic volcanic peaks. The gorgeous setting and the tranquil sounds of the island is only the first part of your holiday relaxation plan, though. The second part is checking into one of Mauritius’s world-class top luxury resorts.

The island, a small enclave off Madagascar, is famous not only for its stunning beaches, lush interior and eclectic mix of Indian, African, Asian and European cultures – it’s also well known for its superior spa and wellness offerings. Guests on the tropical island can benefit from a wealth of locally sourced wellness products made from exotic ingredients such as Mauritian sugar or coconut oil, although that’s not to say that there aren’t the leading international spa brands here either.

Mauritius’s spas lead the way in wellness, using a huge variety of treatments including traditional Indian ayurvedic massages to age-old African and Creole remedies using local herbs and flowers.

The key to Mauritian island remedy is the beautiful setting. Where else can you indulge in early morning yoga sessions on the beach, meditation under the palm trees or hikes through its verdant mountain forests to reset and revive your mind?

On a holiday to Mauritius, wellness is woven into the whole holiday experience, from the moment you arrive at your hotel to when you set foot into one of its top-class spas. The island is also renowned for its attentive service – which helps to release your everyday stresses the moment you touch down on the airport tarmac – its warm and friendly people and its tranquil setting in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Superior spas, lapping waves and golden sands. What could be more relaxing?

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In partnership with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority