We chat to Irish milliner Philip Treacy about his travels, and give you the chance to WIN one of his specially-designed sunhats.

Beach v city

I travel a lot with work and have had some great opportunities to see some of the most incredible places in the world. California, especially the Big Sur area, has some of the most amazing cliffscapes. I love driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco on the Pacific Coast highway, going past landmarks like Hearst Castle. A great place around there is the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. It’s a 1950s hotel that’s bordering on insane. It has the most elaborate interiors.

Stuff v bare essentials

I always pack the bare essentials, so just my passport and a couple of magazines. I hate shopping beforehand, and you can buy all the clothes you need out there.

Rave v relax

It depends where you go, but Las Vegas is a real party – I’ve been about ten times, although I don’t gamble because I don’t know how to. The best relaxation holiday I have ever been on was to the Maldives with Vivienne Westwood. It was really entertaining – she is a great holiday companion.

Resort v roughing it

I like the experience of staying in a hotel. I’m working with a hotel in Turkey at the moment, and I designed its bar. It also gives out free sun hats to guests, which I designed. People need hats in the sun, but they also want to look smart. So, it’s about the added experience of a hotel. People just want to relax, and hotels are all about unusual travel experiences.

Sun v snow

I prefer the sun and the hot sea, but I’m Irish so I burn. I even burn when I’m on the ski slopes, and sadly I have an aversion to sun cream. But I can’t actually ski...

Family v friends

It really depends where I’m going, but sometimes you want to leave your family behind! I had an amazing trip to Thailand recently with some friends. Thailand is a really happy place. I also went to India for work recently, where I did a British polo fashion shoot in the grounds of the Maharaja of Jodhpur’s palace. It’s the most beautiful place.

Plane v train

A private jet is obviously the best way to travel – it’s like a really fashionable taxi. I also like boats, but they don’t have to be super expensive yachts. I once hired a fishing boat for a week to sail around the Greek Islands. It was incredible, and really reasonable.

East v West

It’s hard to keep track of where I’m off to next, but it’ll be in the US. I love places different to my daily life. That’s why I like Japan – it’s a beautiful and fascinating country.


Philip Treacy has collaborated with travel experts Thomson to design a range of women’s and children’s sunhats to mark the launch of its Sensatori Resort in Turkey. Escapism has teamed up withThomson to give away a limited-edition sun hat to three lucky readers. To be in with a chance of winning one, simply email your name to us at win@escapismmagazine.com