Close your eyes and imagine you’re basking in the sun next to a sparkling swimming pool. To your right are some majestic mountains and to your left is a spa and a beautiful 80 acre garden. Oh, and it’s about 50 degrees celcius. But this idyllic retreat doesn’t just have to be a fantasy, it’s all there, at the luxury Hatta Fort Hotel just outside Dubai.

It's the ideal spot for those is in need of a break from the hubbub of city life, and seeking luxury, relaxing and pampering (families with kids included!) all in one place.

Plus, it’s the best of both worlds. At less than an hour’s drive you can explore Dubai and enjoy all of its glittery trappings, or discover the less hectic lifestyle of the Hajar Mountains and the surrounding area’s rich culture by 4x4. Or, just stay put in the hotel’s grounds and relax, do archery and swim to your heart’s content – we won’t judge you.