If the recent drop in temperature has had your rubbing your hands in glee rather than in an effort to keep warm, the 24th Icehotel in Swedish Lapland will be right up your street.

Only open during the winter, the hotel is designed by artists only using water from the Torne River. You have to be quick, though. Come April the hotel is left to melt back into the river leaving the small town of Jukkasjärvi with no signs of the unique structure.

The hotel is completely redesigned each year so you'll never stay in the same room twice. This year's hotel is being built this November and the 20 artists designing the piece have already been chosen and their plans finalised. The designs include a celebration of the London Tube's 150th anniversary as well as a Frankenstein-esque science lab, pole dancing Polar Bears and a Montmartre-inspired roof top setting – all made of ice and snow. All that you need to do is wrap up warm!