When your job takes you all around the world, it goes without saying that you amass a lot of travel knowledge. Or at least, that’s true for Pixie Lott, the 26-year-old, Bromley-born pop star who first topped the UK charts at the age of 18 and has pretty much been a permanent fixture on the radio and in the press ever since.

Unsurprisingly, Lott’s success since her first number one in 2009 has taken her from her roots in the outskirts of London to all corners of the globe, exploring new countries and cultures, whether it’s been for video shoots, songwriting and recording, or holidays. There’s even been the odd Monte Carlo yacht party with Justin Bieber.

Closer to home, the Strictly runner-up is set to be a coach on The Voice Kids UK later this year, and has recently become engaged to model Oliver Cheshire. The couple travel together regularly, and are often spotted at fashion shows all around the world – most recently in Paris and Milan. Their joint adventures see them journey further afield too, to the likes of Palm Springs, Greece and – most recently – Jamaica. It’s not all luxurious holidays, though, and many of Lott’s travels are strictly work-related, recording and writing in the US.

With a broad, varied spectrum of travel experience, we thought the musician would be well positioned to offer some advice, and asked her to share some of her highlights from around the world so far. What we didn’t manage to find out is how to bag yourself a model fiancé, though. Sorry…

The Interview: Pixie shares all