You don’t have to be a pro surfer or have even sniffed at a wave to find Josh Burke impressive. Competing professionally at the ripe age of just 14 and known for his daring aerial stunts, Burke’s phenomenal talent has seen him raise the colours of Barbados in several countries, including Japan, Panama, Australia, and France.

At just three years old, the Barbadian surfer was drawn to the allure of riding colossal waves and surfing the island’s seas. Born into a family of champion surfers, it seemed only natural that he continue the legacy established by family members years before. His father, Alan Burke, is a former champion surfer at both national and international levels.

Josh Burke

Continuing to break records and inspire a new generation of surfers, Burke breaks down the five waves that made his career.


Soup Bowl Bathsheba

My heart belongs to Soup Bowl. I’ve learned the most from this wave, and I continue learning every time I surf there – every new wave delivers something different. The Bathsheba community is my second family, and I spend 80% of my time on the Eastside at home. The raw natural beauty is something I never take for granted, and every time I’m out there, I feel so lucky to be doing what I’m doing. For me, the atmosphere in Bathsheba is unmatched by anywhere else on the Eastside of the island – competing and growing as a surfer here has been and continues to be a journey. Amongst friends and family on the coastline, they’ve watched me grow, develop and transform into the surfer I am. That’s something I’m immensely proud of and, hopefully, something that inspires more people to get involved in a sport I’m so passionate about.

South Point Lighthouse

South Point is more of a surf spot than a beach. It's a rock entry to the sea with very little sand around. South Point Beach is at the southernmost tip of the island. I surfed this wave the most as a kid because it was just five minutes from my house in a great neighbourhood called Atlantic Shores, where most of my friends lived too. I remember carpooling with my friends to surf “Point” after school. This surf spot allowed me to find a sweet escape and will forever be filled with memories and nostalgia.

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Silver Sands

When I wasn’t surfing South Point, I was at Silver Sands. Silver Sands is a beach break that provides big air sections that taught me how to do all different types of “airs”. It also helped me figure out how to land them, as it was a very dumpy wave with a harsh landing. When other waves weren’t good or were too crowded, I would come to Silver Sands and surf either by myself or with my brother. Having a spot like this one to go to when other areas were busy was like having a safe haven – giving me that freedom to learn and grow as a surfer.

Long Beach

My family house is basically on the beach at Long Beach. It’s a below-average wave that holds a lot of sentimental value for my brother and I. We practised for international events an uncountable amount of times together in front of our house because most of our surf events as kids were held in Florida, and Long Beach is very similar. It’s one of the beaches rarely visited by tourists on the island, as there are few signposts, so my brother and I felt a true sense of belonging when we went out together. Not rushing the learning process of surfing is a step I swear by, and having Long Beach near me from such a young age will be something I’ll always hold close to my heart, as it’s helped me become the surfer I am today.

Freights Bay

Freights is just around the corner from South Point and is where I watched my dad teach beginner surf lessons my whole life, so it’s a spot where I felt my passion for the waves really grow. I now even teach there with him – come surf with us at Burkies Surf School! I truly believe Freights Bay is the best place to learn how to surf. It’s crazy beautiful, with clear blue water, and thousands of sea turtles are surfing with you. Also, when we get a big swell, Freights can be a world-class professional wave. From the moment you step onto Freights Bay, the views are seriously breathtaking and being able to not only ride the waves but also teach younger generations of surfers, is a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have experienced a landscape like this one, for as long as I can remember.