In a world where our carbon footprint is not a desirable holiday accessory, more and more travellers are looking at ways to travel sustainably.

The best solution? Bid adieu to flying, swap vacation for staycation, and remain on home turf. There's a tonne of environmentally conscious getaways in the UK that promise to pamper both you and Mother Earth. They've got locally sourced menus, solar panels, Passivhaus technologies, and, er, compostable toilets.

But don't be mistaken. Conscious need not compromise on comfort – we've scouted out plenty of green getaways that lean luxury with wood-clad pavilions, rolltop baths and serious culinary clout. 

Whether you're an eco-staycation newbie wanting to ease your way in with plush cottages close to cities or a veteran keen to camp in one of Britain's most remote nooks – we've picked out a host of different places to scratch every kind of itch.

Grab your road atlas, pack your bamboo toothbrush and prepare for eco-enlightenment as we check out these ten unmissable sustainable staycations. 

10 of the best eco staycations in the UK for 2024

Alt Sanna Hut

Ardnamurchan Peninsula, Scottland

Alt Sanna Hut Some eco-staycations dip their toe in, but Alt Sanna Hut has both feet in the water. Made by Echo Living, which specialises in making small, low-impact buildings using sustainable materials, this hut on the remote Ardnamurchan Peninsula in Scotland is made from local larch clad, insulated with sheep wool, utilises a natural waste treatment plant, and gets its heat from a highly efficient stove fuelled by sustainable eco logs. Aside from having some stellar green credentials, it’s an architecturally mesmerising building that appears to float off the ground during high tide. A location as remote as this means cafes are off the cards, but you can enjoy a deliciously self-sufficient dinner made from local lobster, venison and veg picked from the community garden.

From £110 per night;

The Bull Inn

Totnes, England

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You won’t find so much as a whiff of pesticide in this pub perched at the peak of Totnes High Street. Following a strictly ‘planet, people and profit ethos’ the team designed a set of ‘No Bull Rules’ that govern how they operate. To put it into simple terms, they are consistently seeking better ways to do things, be it plastic-free kitchens, zero-to-landfill waste processes or a veg-centric menu that takes meat out of the spotlight and centres on local, organic produce wherever possible. The best part? None of it comes at the expense of chic interiors, great food and even better drinks.

From £142 per night;


Various locations

Did you know that 96% of us have experienced burnout in the last 12 months? No? Well, the team at Unyoked do, and they’re working to combat it. Entirely off-grid cabins in the woods are designed to harness the immense healing powers of nature. With Scandi-inspired locations dotted across the UK, your off-grid staycay is never too far away. But, more than just a commitment to giving your brain and body a break from the many stresses of modern metropolitan life, the team are taking things one step further, launching the Global Nature Study in collaboration with AllTrails to investigate the benefits of spending time in nature.

From £154 per night;


Cambrian Mountains, Wales

Fancy going off-grid without so much… nylon? Head to Tincture. Hidden in the foothills of Wales’ Cambrian Mountains, this lovingly crafted storybook cottage has all the benefits of immersion in nature without giving up the mod cons (and the added benefit of flushing loos). Harnessing solar power and plumbed by fresh spring water, the house’s eco credentials are more than up to scratch, while the complete lack of anything resembling a neighbour keeps you cosseted in a warm blanket of complete and utter peace. Now, breathe.

From £2,095 per week;

Bert’s Kitchen Garden

Llyn Peninsula, Wales

Garden This is not your grandma’s campsite. Between the mountains and the sea on the Llyn Peninsula you’ll find Bert’s Kitchen Garden, a hideaway so bucolic you could be forgiven for thinking you’d dreamt it. With a few tent berths and a selection of dinky little cabins set around the kitchen garden, all of it framed by the peaks behind and the Irish Sea in front, this is one of those hidey holes that you’ll struggle to leave, not least because of the on-site restaurant where much of the food is sourced from the garden, just metres away from your table.

From £22 per person;

Gorse Cabin

Edinburgh, Scottland

Thirsty for an off-grid getaway? Gorse Cabin is hidden in a secluded glade on a former farm just 30 minutes from Edinburgh. This dog-friendly cabin ensures all you’ll see for miles are views of the wild Scottish Borders cradled by gorse and heather-blanketed hills. The minimalist wood-clad space is kitted out with a king-sized bed, record player, vinyl, and coffee grinder – providing the essentials to wind down on your escape from the urban thrum. Sustainably constructed, the Gorse Cabin is made entirely from local larch, douglas fir and hemlock. Its electricity is predominantly wind-powered, and its toiletries are entirely biodegradable.

From £145 per night;


Padstow, England

The United Kingdom has some of the best countryside on the planet, especially in Cornwall, where Bosavallam is located. Translating from Old Cornish as ‘house in the orchard’, this woodland bolthole will put you front and centre with both flora and fauna, whether you’re luxuriating on the wood pavilion that blends in with its surroundings, cooking up some local scran in its open-plan kitchen or kicking it in its many social spaces. It’s also well-situated for local excursions, with the towns of Rock, Padstow and Wadebridge within striking distance of a panoply of Britain’s breathtaking beaches, including Daymer Bay, Polzeath and Constantine.

From £137 per night;


Donegal, Ireland

Featured in the New York Times, Breac.House is Ireland at its most excellent. Visitors will be whisked away from their everyday world into a landscape of stern beauty in northwest Donegal, a rugged and engaging corner of Ireland. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with the local community and a spectacular Atlantic coastal location, with deep sustainability baked into every aspect of the project.

From £340 per night;

Mello View

Somerset, England

Looking to cast away and get back to the land without sacrificing any of the mod cons, connectivity and creature comforts that comprise contemporary living? Mello View is the brainchild of chef Ed and pilates teacher Vicky, who opted out of London in order to refurbish a lassy but crumbling cowshed in Winsham, Somerset. Offering immense views across the Axe Valley, the 1950s concrete shed has been spruced up to give busy urbanites a contemporary countryside bolthole to rejuvenate and refresh. Please note, wellies not included.

From £115 per night;

Architect’s Hut

Dorset, England

Minimalist and modular in equal measure, the Architect’s Hut is a striking corrugated metal cube juxtaposing with the rewilded Dorset land it resides on. As well as it looking pretty badass, this design harnesses Passivhaus technologies, including sheep’s wool insulation that’s rigorously efficient and maintains consistent temperatures. Aside from this, there’s a Separett waterless toilet from Sweden, a mechanical heat recovery system, and the Nebia vaporised water shower, which uses 40% less water than a regular shower. Just call us Greta.

From £115 per night;