Whether you already love Japanese culture or are just setting out on your journey to find out more, Be More Japan is the book you need to add to your reading list.
This unique guide touches on everything you want to know about Japan, from the art of Japanese living to Japanese wisdom you can use in everyday life.

Be More Japan by DK Eyewitness

The book itself is innovative in the way it presents Japanese culture. It kicks off with an overview of the four seasons, demonstrating how the island nation changes throughout the year with its flora and fauna, food and cultural celebrations.

Elsewhere, there's a section on soundscapes, illustrating how important sound is to Japanese culture – so much so that the country is a pioneer when it comes to aural art installations.

The Japanese are also famed for their ability to turn something mundane into something beautiful – best seen in Japan's decorated manhole covers that have gone on to become a source of national pride. Be More Japan contains a section devoted to these amazing works of art.

Another chapter to look out for is 'Enjoying the Onsen', which explores the ancient Japanese custom of visiting hot springs for health and socialising.
And what's more, the book also contains tips on how to bring a bit of Japan into your life wherever you are, from where to find traditional Japanese tea in the UK to visiting the oldest Zen Buddhist temple in France.

DK Eyewitness

Be More Japan is available from Amazon now