Aside from stubbing your toe really badly, there's no worse feeling than going on a hiking or camping adventure and your kit failing you. Flimsy tents, uncomfortable walking shoes, and bulky backpacks can ruin a trip and dampen spirits. So, as we approach the peak period for outdoor escapades, head to Decathlon and get your hands on their reliable, high-quality kit. 

Decathlon is hardly the new kid on the block. Its historic leadership in the outdoor space revolves around a commitment to the design and innovation of hiking and camping products, which help to enhance the joy of an adventure. 

You can find products that meet your specific needs whether you're a casual hiker, hardcore trekker, mountain goat or base camp enthusiast. Whether you're setting off solo, with friends, family, or total strangers, Decathlon has you covered. 

Which products from Decathlon's range of outdoor gear are perfect for you? 

The trekker 

Forclaz women's trekking backpack

Setting off on a sizeable adventure? Get familiar with the fully adjustable and light hiking backpack from Forclaz. Designed for women, this backpack offers plenty of versatility and comfort with a padded waist belt and abundant storage to prepare you for whatever your expedition throws at you. 

£89.99; click here to find out more 

Forclaz trekking dome tent

Forclaz trekking dome tent

You don't want to lose precious hours exploring the outdoors to pitching a tent, and the Forclaz Trekking dome tent promises swift assembly and dismantling. Designed for ultralight hikers seeking a lightweight, quality tent that won't break the bank, this tent has practical storage space for two people and additional guy ropes for wind stability - withstanding gusts of up to 70 mph.

£219.99; click here to find out more

The family 

Quechua tepee camping tent

Want to get your glamp on? Check out the Quechua tepee, with a classic design that's perfect for family camping trips – with two rooms sleeping up to five people. It's made from polycotton fabric to reduce heat inside the tent and is easy to assemble and dismantle, keeping tantrums to a minimum.

£1,299.99; click here to find out more 

Quechua 23L hiking backpack

Quechua 23L hiking backpack

This Quechua hiking backpack is the real deal for those looking to spend their days out in nature, without lugging around a huge bag. It's both comfortable and smart, thanks to its expandable main compartment with a flap and 13 pockets to hold everything from bug-repellent and maps to cameras and waterproofs. Tested for optimal durability, you'll be able to take it everywhere.

£39.99; click here to find out more

The explorer 

Quechua roof tent MH500

Quechua roof tent MH500

Experience the freedom to sleep wherever you want with the Quechua roof tent. Featuring a capacious living room inside and an integrated foam mattress, it's like a home away from home. Stuffy nights and lumpy mattresses will be a thing of the past. 

£1,149.99; click here to find out more 

The hiker

Quechua camping tent 2 seconds easy

Quechua camping tent 2 seconds easy

Take the hassle out of assembling a tent with this pop-up from Quechua. It sleeps two people, assembles in two seconds, and is equipped with fresh&black technology to ensure a cool, light-free slumber. 

£129.99; click here to find out more 

Quechua mountain hiking rucksack rolltop 

Quechua mountain hiking rucksack rolltop

Weighing a measly 780g, this versatile bag has a 22-litre capacity, rolltop opening, and multiple pockets. Complete with foam straps and a design that conforms to your movements – it provides the utmost comfort for any expedition. 

£54.99; click here to find out more