Holidays may be temporary, but vacay pictures last a lifetime. You want to ensure you capture the magic, and there's no better option than Nikon's latest full-frame FX format mirrorless camera to snap these moments.

The Nikon Z f looks as good as it shoots, combining heritage design with cutting-edge technology and superior performance that guarantees every picture is a winner.

The Nikon Z f is available in seven eye-catching colours available exclusively on the Nikon store

Compact and lightweight, the Z f is an ideal travel companion, carried effortlessly over the shoulder or in a bag. Whether you're sightseeing, beach bumming or hiking a mountain, the Z f guarantees effortless cool, superior shots.

The Nikon Z f is especially catered for monochrome photography lovers thanks to its dedicated black and white switch, which enables photographers to seamlessly jump into monochrome shooting mode and immerse themselves in the shot without distractions. ​

The Nikon Z f

What's more, the Nikon Z f is available in seven head-turning colours exclusively on Nikon store, from original black to Sunset Orange, adding a hint of modern to a classic design.

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