AHOY THERE, SAILOR! Thinking of getting some sunshine? Antigua Sailing Week is on the horizon, and from 25 April this is the only Caribbean island to holiday on. What happens when you combine rum and sailors? Parties. Loads of them.


On the 'strip' in English Harbour (that's ten or so bars on a sandy track), you'll find the Rasta Shack. It's the place to soak up the laid-back island vibe; avoid the white wine and go for straight rum, as the local clientele do. Have a dance too – if you haven't heard the reggae version of Michael Jackson's 'Dirty Diana' you'll hear it here: 'Dutty Angela' has a far better ring to it.


There are 365 beaches in Antigua, one for every sunny day of the year. If you're the type to time manage your holiday (we all do it sometimes) you still won't cover them all, but do make sure you get to Half Moon Bay, where a pinky curve of sand leads into jade water. It's blissfully quiet, so take some time to stroll, swim and sunbathe. *SIGH*


Sure, it's a bit of a tourist trap, but the Sunday night parties at Shirley Heights are worth the crowds. Expect live steel bands, jerk chicken, local Wadadli beer and a few red-faced Americans. Take a break from dancing and watch the sunset over the island – it's one of the best views you'll see during your time in Antigua (and you'll see a hell of a lot).