DO: Noosa Food Festival, 16-18 May

We haven't just made the nameNoosa up, promise. It's a town north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, and hosts a mean food festival in May. Over the four days more than 200 chefs from across the Antipodean nation will gather in the seaside town to show off the area's rich food and wine heritage. There'll be tastings, demonstrations, street parties and plenty of foodie-focused events, all with the stunning backdrop of the sunshine coast.

STAY: Outrigger, Little Hastings Street. Doubles from £140 a night

If you stay in an area as natural as Queensland, then you should really check into an eco resort. Outrigger is next to the Noosa National Park, a short walk from the buzzy Hastings Street, and – of course – near the beach. If your wallet can handle it, check into a penthouse for stunning Noosa views and private cocktail parties organised in your suite. You'll be safe in the knowledge that you're doing, er, some good for the environment.

MOVE: Paddleboarding

Forget surfing – everybody in Noosa knows that the best water sport involving two feet is stand-up paddleboarding. Don't think that it's just consigned to the turquoise waters of the beach, though. It's also a great way to travel through the area's many rivers and lakes, and you'll give your abs a proper workout while you're at it.