DO: Angkor Wat half marathon, 1 December 2013

Been there, done that, got the sweaty t-shirt for all the European half marathons? Ditch the London, Paris and Berlin versions and try something a little more...exotic. The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon takes place near Siem Reap, Cambodia, next month – it’s the fastest way to see the largest religious monument in the world. If you finish it, of course.

MOVE: Tuk tuks

Going to Asia and not getting into a tuk tuk is like going to France and not wearing a string of garlic around your neck - it's just not done. Thankfully you don't have to ride them yourself around Siem Reap's mess of streets, but rather flag one down and negotiate the price down to just a few dollars. Want a proper tour? Try Siam Reap Tuk Tuks, which'll take you around Angkor Wat for $15 a day - if you're not running around it, that is.

EAT: Old Market (Psar Chaa)

There's still the usual tourist tat and pushy sales tactics, but there's also a whole host of street food to munch on at one of Siem Reap's best markets - from the acquired taste of fried spiders to snails (with their shells still on, yum). If you fancy giving the deep-fried ants a miss for one meal, the market also serves up banana kebabs, a huge variety of weird fruit and steaming noodle dishes. Try nearby Wat Bo road for some more upmarket cafes, including the excellent Chivit Thai for the best Thai food in town.