You already spend more hours swapping time zones than in your own bed. You’ve got your whirlwind schedule down to a fine art, maximising the productivity of every leg of your journey. Perhaps it’s time you turned an eye to your empty home. Savvy frequent flyers are increasingly making the most of their extreme commutes by renting out their homes to holidaymakers. While you’re jet-setting, hard at work, your property could be pulling its own weight by helping you to achieve your financial goals sooner.

Make your time away work harder for you

You’re essentially living between places so your time is gold dust. When booking your next business trip, could allowing your property to contribute towards its own mortgage and bills free you up to actually enjoy the city you’re in? That said, the last thing you need is another item on your travel to-do list. A trusted holiday rental industry expert like HomeAway makes it easy to earn extra money without monopolising precious mental space. Find out how much you could be missing out on with the online earnings calculator.

So, while you’re hopefully off to the city you’re working in, someone else could be paying for a stay in your hometown. We often don’t think of our homes as holiday destinations. Whether you live in an area of natural beauty, in easy reach of woodland and coastline, or smack dab in the middle of a city with access to theatres and museums, your area holds holiday potential for someone else. Chances are, you’re living somewhere that’s more popular than you realise.

Keep on top of things

You have enough on your mind as you flit across the globe, so you want to be sure you have a handle on what’s happening when it comes to renting out your home. With HomeAway, you decide who stays in your home, when and at what price and they take care of everything else. If you have any concerns, round the clock customer support is available. But this is about saving you time, remember? They have trusted partners who can also take care of everything if you need them to, from arranging cleaning services, to taking professional photographs so you get the best chance of getting bookings. You decide what works for you. They’ve been in the game since 1996 – longer than any of their competitors – and have fine-tuned holiday booking. The platform is fully equipped to allow you to easily and efficiently take control of your property’s income. You could even hop on the app to manage your listing while on the go.

If you’re ready to turn your home into more than a haven you don’t see nearly enough of, you’ll want to be sure your property is found. You’ll attract the right guests. As part of the Expedia group, HomeAway makes sure your listing has unparalleled visibility, while covering you with liability insurance so you can securely capitalise on what you already have without headache.

Don’t miss a trick

The holiday rental trend is transforming the way frequent flyers see their time away from home. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners are already discovering that they can make more of what they already have by signing up with HomeAway. You might already be a step ahead with a home that’s frequently ready and waiting to welcome guests. Perhaps your next trip could be purely for pleasure, paid by your hardworking home.