Knowing you, you're a pretty easy person to pick up a present for come Christmas time – 'Just a quiet time with the nearest and dearest' is probably the kind of thing you'd say. Classic you, that.

Then again, it's not you that's got you worried – it's your brother's girlfriend, your #vanlifer aunt and uncle who're spinning their tinsel-adorned motorhome all the way down from Cumbria in the name of a turkey dinner, and – of course – your not-so-little-anymore nephew who's about to jet off on his gap year (hold tight, Thailand!).

So, with the big day looming there's no need to panic, because we've got you covered – here is our annual guide to the best presents for travel lovers. You'll find all kinds of gifts at all kinds of prices, from great value stocking fillers to blow-the-budget suitcase solutions. So, without further ado, here goes...

The best gifts for less than £25

Call us a bunch of Scrooges or call us street savvy, but sometimes the very best gift is a well thought-out item that you can bag on a real budget. So whether you're buying for the office globetrotter in secret Santa, picking up stocking fillers, or just buying the obligatory prezzie for your second cousin Keith, here are a few of our favourite travel-related gifts that you can pick up for a pony or less:

The best gifts for less than £75

Sometimes, when you really want to show someone how much you love them, you just need to mine your bank account for the readies, untie the purse strings and let that money go. After all, what's a few bob on a present for someone you love? That's the spirit...

The best gifts over £75

Hey, big spender! Feeling extra generous this year, are we? You've reached the money end of things, but that's no biggie – you've got the budget, and you've got it to splurge. Here's how you should spend it this Christmas: