YEAH, DRY JANUARY. We get it. But January is almost over (we're a pint glass half-full bunch at Escapism), and that means it's time to start planning a hard-earned beer trip.

Beer Spa, Prague

Ever fancied bathing in a thousand-litre oak tub, filled to the brim with Czech beer? We hadn't, until now. After you've soaked in the hoppy water (soothing your fatigue and speeding up your metabolism, apparently) you can recline on a bed of wheat straw, continue to chug beer and also munch on some home made beer bread. Now that's our kind of spa.

Beer Crawl, Shanghai

China consumes the most beer in the world, so it's worth a visit just to see how it's done. The best place to watch and learn is Shanghai, a craft beer hot spot and microbrewery central. Surely you'll want to try them all, so take a brewery and beer tour, and suss your Snow from your Shangcheng from your Sedrin.

Beer Drive, Florida

HOLD UP. White sand beaches, turquoise sea AND 14 independent breweries to try? Designate a non-drinking driver (unlucky) and explore St Pete and Clearwater in Florida, stopping off for a 22% brew-for-the-brave, while sampling the nectar of the oldest craft breweries in the Sunshine State.