Everything you know about Italy, forget it. Forget that Colosseum (boring), the Amalfi Coast (average) and those lakes (dull). Then book a trip to Palermo, Sicily, where the prettiest thing you'll see is an old man selling veal. This is the REAL Italy, and it's flipping great. Now THAT'S amore.


Italy is a country richly celebrated for food, but in Palermo you'll get an entirely different take on it. Forget the tables and chairs, in Palermo food is enjoyed on the streets. There's a mishmash of influences, from Arabic to Spanish, so try it all by taking a foodie walk with Marco Romeo from Streat Palermo. Marco will have you trying the very best snacks on the city streets including spongey pizza, spleen sandwiches, veal fat, veal cartilage and veal intestine. You'll have a veally fun time... streatpalermo.it


Palermo has two important cathedrals. The first one is a jumble of Moorish and Baroque flourishes, Gothic-Catalan arcades and 12th-century Norman towers spiking into the sky. The other important cathedral – Stadio Renzo Barbera – is down the road, still celebrating last week's 3-1 triumph against Napoli. We suggest you visit both.


Away from the crumbling streets of the old city, but still brilliantly located for central access, this cosy boutique hotel is the perfect spot to spread out after your food fest. Around the corner you'll find one of the best bakeries IN THE WORLD. Savoca is a local favourite, where counters are lined with doughy, tomatoey and cheesy treats. You can even bring a takeaway box back to your room. But who would do that?! Erm... Three nights from £572 with flights, transfers and accommodation. classic-collection.co.uk